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One or more $1,000 scholarships available to sophomore, junior, or seniors majoring in Crop Sciences or Animal Sciences with an interest in production agriculture from St. Clair County, or from adjacent counties. Funds provided by Joyce I. Nies, an alumna of the College of ACES in memory of her parents who farmed in St. Clair County for many years. One $1,000 scholarship awarded to an entering freshman, with preference given to a student graduating from Bement High School, second preference to students from Piatt County, otherwise to another deserving incoming freshman from Illinois. One or more $3,000 scholarships awarded to sophomore, junior or senior level students enrolled in the Agricultural Business, Farm and Financial Management major (Dept of ACE) or in an Animal Sciences, or Crop Sciences production study option. Recipients shall be from an operating family farm where net farm income is the primary source of family income, and have a minimum 2.75 grade point average. Funds provided by Allan Mueller who received three degrees from the University of Illinois College of Agriculture and taught Agricultural One or more scholarships of varying amount given yearly to students from Macoupin County. Second preference is to students from Alexander, Pulaski, or Union counties, with fourth preference to students from Montgomery County. Funding from Mr. Mowery, a former Macoupin County Cooperative Extension Service adviser. Merit based scholarships of varying amounts given to students, with first preference given to those from McLean County. Funds provided from Mr. Mosbacher, who was an Extension Service farm advisor in McLean County for 38 years. One $1,500 scholarship available to students with financial need from a rural area of Illinois and active in the Illinois 4-H program. First preference to a student from Christian County. Funds provided by Kim Ann Morton and family in honor of her mother who spent her life in Taylorville, Illinois as a mother, homemaker, and farm owner. One $7,000 scholarship given to a senior with a strong academic record, evidence of leadership, and a demonstrated commitment to agriculture. Funded by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. in honor of Mr. Morrison, who served as president of Pioneer Corn Company of Illinois from 1937-1971. One or more scholarships awarded to sophomore, junior and senior level students , who were born in Illinois, graduated from an Illinois High school, and who are current residents of the State of Illinois. Recipients must be employed at least 15 hours a week during the school year, and have a grade point average in the 2.0 - 2. 99 (A=4.0) range. Preference is also given to students who are currently participating in the ROTC program. One or more $1,000 scholarships funded by Mrs. Gretchen Markunas in honor of her parents. Preference for this scholarship is for outstanding juniors and seniors in the College of ACES with demonstrated interest in sustainable agriculture followed by students interested in farm management careers. One $500 scholarship funded by the Midwest Agriculture Scholarship Foundation for a student with a career interest in the fertilizer/chemical industry. Funding by members and friends of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association.