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Varying number of $1,000 awards to students with potential career interests in farm management, rural appraisal, agricultural finance or agri-business management. Funds provided by members of this professional organization, and also from memorial funds in honor of Plynn Decker and Roger Gish, past members of the Society. One $750 scholarship awarded to a student majoring in agribusiness or plant and/or soil sciences. Preference will be given to those students with a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in the fertilizer, chemical or seed industry. One $1,000 award to a junior or senior level Animal Sciences student with a strong academic record and a commitment to a Veterinary Medicine career. Funds in memory of Dr. Hunt, a noted Champaign County veterinarian in the 1930's and 1940's. One $1,000 scholarship per year given to a student with career interests in the grain and feed merchandising area. Funds received in memory of Herb Hoemann, executive vice president of the Illinois Grain and Feed Association from 1969-1985. Two $1,000 scholarships awarded annually to a junior or senior level student with preference given to students with demonstrated scholastic achievement, farm background, and with a career interest in livestock production. Funded by classmates and friends of former residents of Hill Hall, an agricultural student house at the University of Illinois in 1940-43, who have since passed away including six members who sacrificed their lives in World War II. One $1,000 award to a junior or senior with a rural background majoring in an agri-business related program of study in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics. Funded by GROWMARK, Inc. in honor of Mr. Herndon who was the company President from 1931-1959. A $500 scholarship available to an entering freshman in an agricultural curriculum from Randolph County. Second priority to an entering freshman from counties adjacent to Randolph County. Funds provided by the late Mr. Albert Hennrich in honor of his son, a 1979 graduate of Southern Illinois University. One or more scholarships each year to a student in agricultural curricular in memory of Mr. Hendrickson; and one or more scholarships each year to a student in one of the following programs: Consumer Economics and Finance; Dietetics; Human Nutrition; Human Development and Family Studies or Hospitality Management. Varying number of $500 scholarships available yearly to College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences students with a strong academic record who are majoring in one of the agricultural sciences. Funds from the estate of Mr. Hellenthal who attended the University of Illinois in the 1930's. Three $1,000 awards given to junior or senior level students with a rural background enrolled in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Preference to students preparing for a career in Agribusiness, Agri-Accounting, Crop Sciences, Technical Systems Management or Agricultural Communications.