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IPT Bull Sale website offers new benefits for buyers

Published January 5, 2012
Potential bull buyers will benefit from a new feature on the Illinois Performance Tested (IPT) Bull Sale website, The site will now include photographs of bulls in the 2012 sale, and/or their sires.

"This feature not only includes the picture of many of the bulls offered in the sale, but also includes images of the bulls' sires and maternal grandsires," said Dave Seibert, IPT Bull Sale manager. "Owners' comments regarding their bulls are also included as part of the expanded site."

In addition, the website offers a complete set of genetic and performance figures. These figures include pedigree information along with registration number, adjusted birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight (on older bulls), and the expected progeny differences (EPDs) for calving ease direct, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, maternal milk, marbling, and ribeye.

Another economic analysis that prospective buyers will use are dollar value indexes that combine traits together into an overall economic analysis of a bull, Seibert added. These indexes are listed as $ Wean and $ Beef for Angus, All Purpose Index and Terminal Index for Simmentals, and Baldy Maternal Index and Certified Hereford Beef Index for Polled Herefords.

With this complete analysis, bull buyers can make informed decisions when selecting genetics that will impact their beef cattle herd in replacement females and onto the feedlot, he said.

"Buying bulls is like buying seed corn — there are many traits that one looks for in genetics for both industries," Seibert said. "There is not a corn farmer in the Midwest that plants seed corn out of a 'brown paper bag.' The same is true with buying bulls. Make sure you demand the most complete information possible to make an informed decision for herd bulls."

To analyze the elite genetics offered at the 2012 IPT Bull Sale, visit and start reviewing the bulls' performance information along with pictures of the bull and his sire and maternal grand sire.

The IPT Bull Sale will lead off the 2012 Illinois Beef Expo. The sale will be held on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. in the Livestock Center on the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Breeds offered in the sale include Angus, Simmental, Polled Hereford, and Red Angus.

Buyers will discover long-aged 2010 bulls as well as yearlings in the sale. For additional information and a copy of the sale catalog, contact Seibert at or call 309-339-3694.