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Soil fertility workshop

URBANA – University of Illinois Extension will host a workshop on soil fertility on Feb. 15 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. It will be taught via distance education and feature specialists from Illinois and Missouri. An application has been made for five hours of CCA continuing education credit in nutrient management.

Topics and speakers are:

  • Successful Nitrogen Management (how N rate, timing, source, and additives affect success), Peter Scharf, University of Missouri Extension
  • Secondary and Micronutrients (which ones and how do you know you might need them?), Robert Bellm, U of I Extension
  • How CEC and Soil Nutrients are Related (why CEC is an important tool in determining your fertility goal), Pete Fandel, Illinois Central College
  • Using Precision Farming Tools to Improve Nutrient Management, Dennis Bowman, U of I Extension
  • Phosphorus and Potassium Budgets (correctly accounting for what’s in the field and what’s coming out), Fabian Fernandez, U of I Extension

The program will be presented via Latitude Bridge in the following Extension units:

  • Unit 2, Oregon, 815-732-2191
  • Unit 4, Dixon, 815-835-2070
  • Unit 7, Milan, 309-756-9978
  • Unit 8, Princeton, 815-875-2878
  • Unit 10, Galesburg, 309-342-5108
  • Unit 12, Bloomington, 309-663-8306
  • Unit 13, Champaign, 217-333-7672
  • Unit 14, Quincy, 217-223-3830
  • Unit 15, Jacksonville, 217-243-7424
  • Unit 16, Springfield, 217-782-4617
  • Unit 18, Hillsboro, 217-532-3941
  • Unit 26, Murphysboro, 618-687-1727

To register for the program, contact one of the unit offices. Registration is $50 per person and includes a meal, refreshments, and handouts. Please register by Feb. 11.

For further information, contact Michael Roegge at 217-223-8380 or email him at

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